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This category aims to list links to Web Applications, Plugins & Online Tools for creatives & Techies.

  • screenshot Coza Web Design's Online Tool Repository is a slowly growing collection of quality tools for website designers. Tools such as HTML special character convertors and email obfuscation code generators.
  • Atomseo provides free online tools for improving seo ranking and web site performance. Atomseo Broken Link Checker is online tool for detecting broken, dead links and 404 pages.
  • TransferNow is a popular free file transfer service which was launched by two French students in June, 2013. Files up to 2GB can be transferred either by creating a share link exchangeable on forums and social networks or through email.
  • Everycalculators is an online calculators website that covers everything from calculating age, health, BMI, mortgage repayments to your grade point average.
  • Website Planet Responsive Checker - Test your responsive web design for free and see how your site will appear when viewed on the leading mobile devices from Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).
  • Pixelixe offers an image creation tool to help marketers, bloggers and small businesses worldwide to promote their products and services on all digital platforms. Users with no design skill can easily design engaging graphics and images. Pixelixe is accessible in one click, no account required at all and let everybody design and edit images for Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube), ad banners (Mobile and web), blogs and more.
  • SVG to HTML5 Canvas Converter - Use a vector app like CorelDraw to create a simple line drawing, save it as an svg. Open the svg in a text editor and copy the code. Paste the code into this tool and it will generate the corresponding code for your HTML5 canvas script.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights help you identify ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly.
  • dead link checker - Are broken links damaging your site's rankings and usability? There's no getting around it - server error 404 pages are bad for business. Dead Link Checker crawls through your site, identifying broken links for you to correct.
  • Propagated Yet? is an awesome online tool that can check if your DNS has fully propagated. All you need to do is enter your domain name and the IP address of the new server. You also have the option of supplying an email address so that you are notified when the DNS has fully propagated.
  • IE NetRenderer allows you to check how a website is rendered by various versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is a fantastic tool that creates dummy images on the fly. Unlike other image placeholder sites, this one allows you to overlay text and specify the foreground and background colours as well.
  • PagePeeker is a screenshot thumnbail generator which can be used on directory sites such as this one.
  • W3C Markup Validation Services is an invaluable tool for any web designer who wants to ensure that their website's code is semantically correct and error free. Ideally that should be all web designers.
  • UsabilityHub is an online tool that allows you to test your designs and mockups on real people before you go live.
  • PlaceHold.It is an image placeholder service. When you are building a website, you aren't always given the actual content at the outset, and will often find yourself prepping sample images for the layout. With this online tool, you no longer need to do that - you can pull in sample images directly from the site at whatever dimensions are needed by formatting the img src as follows: (the dimensions at the end of the URL being the width and height desired.)
  • StatCounter GlobalStats supplies statistical graphs representing browser and screen resolution usage trends.
  • Solidify lets you create clickable prototypes from sketches, wireframe, or mockup.
  • Internet Archive WaybackMachine allows you to browse website as they were in the past. This can be very helpful when you need to access a page that is currently down due to server problems, or for legal matters.
  • COLOURlovers provides some colour related tools, in particular a nifty tool to create colour palettes.
  • CSS3 Generator is a wizard featuring some common css3 functions to save you time in typing them out.
  • ClickToTweet is a tool that generates a 'click to tweet' code snippet out of a quote that you supply. Your readers can then share that quote to their Twitter accounts via the click to tweet section in your article.
  • Dropbox - Save files on your computer, then access them on your phone from the road. Everything you keep in Dropbox is synced automatically to all your devices.
  • WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Every month, users in 195 countries send one billion files through our platform. Founded in 2009, our team is based in the Netherlands and the US.
  • Hightail - Share images, videos, PDFs, presentations and more for your team to access easily as high-res previews and streams.
  • Coolers - Browse and adjust colour palletes.
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