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Humour & Distraction

This category aims to list links to Humour & Distraction Sites specifically aimed at creatives & Techies.

  • 27b/6 is a site that features humerous email banter & sarcasm between designer David Thorne and his clients.
  • Make My Logo Bigger Cream is a humorous advert for a fictitious product that pokes fun at some of the more inane requests that designers often get from their clients.
  • The Oatmeal is a colection of cartoons by the talented Matthew Inman. Not all is cartoons are design related, but his creation 'How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell' is very popular with designers....mostly because it's true.
  • clientcopia is defined as 'To cope with difficulties of a client attaining professional services and act to overcome them, despite that client's blatant stupidity'. The site is a collection of true stories submitted by users (most often designers and techies) detailing the'r crazy conversations with difficult clients.
  • Creative Diff'rences is a weekly strip by cartoonist Johnny Sampson. He created this for Co-Op Advertising in Toronto. It explores the life of Lance the freelancer and the many indignities endured.
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