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Sure, Google Translate is free, automatic and can be used for almost any language there is, but it's not very accurate, and we all know it. If the website's target market is going to span multiple languages, and you are not merely satisfied with supplying Google Translate so that customers can get the gist of what is being said, then consider a professional translation service. A language translator should be able to translate your content with far more accuracy than any automatic service.

  • Rubric - Founded in 1994, Rubric creates language solutions that speak directly to the hearts of customers. The company delivers high quality translation services that are customized to specific client and industry needs and leverages automation to streamline processes, providing the flexibility, on-demand scalability and project integrity to guarantee localization success. Rubric's services are delivered in 103 languages through an extensive network of independent translation professionals and software engineers. Headquartered in Edinburgh, the company has offices in San Jose, California, and more.
  • Traducta - Leading multilingual translation company.
  • Tele World Linguistic Services - We are a translation company offering an affiliate collaboration opportunity for all web developers.
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