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Email Campaigners

Email campaigns may be necessary to promote your website. You may need your email newsletter or mailshot designed or you may need to contact a company that will send out bulk solicited mail or manage your campaign. You will find the necessary service providers here...

  • screenshot Email Newsletter Design - Coza Web Design create custom email newsletters, email adverts, email stationery and email invites for you to send to your mailing lists, either from your Outlook or from a professional bulk mail provider. Please be responsible and don't spam anyone with what we create for you.
  • screenshot Iscan Mass Email Solution by Dumel Systems allows you to import lists of email subscribers; create your email from scratch or from a template; send your email and track your campaign.
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  • KVN Mail - We provide a solution for bulk email marketing. KVN Mail has extended this service all over the world with timely support and services. Now it's easy to send mails to the right people with the right message at the right times with KVN Mail.
  • Massmailservers - The SMTP server is the machine that manages the whole email delivery process. If you are high volume email sender or you want to send 1 million emails per day or want to send 20 million emails per day. Then smtp server gmail, SMTP server hotmail, smtp server aol, smtp server yahoo and smtp server free wont work for you. You need a dedicated smtp server with multiple dedicated ips and make sure your smtp server setup properly as per compliance with inbox landing with your domain name (i.e spf, dkim, dmarc, rDNS) and your IPs are warmed up and not blacklisted in any spam trapper.
  • Sigstr Every business in the world uses employee email. Sigstr turns your company's email into a marketing channel and relationship-intelligence tool.
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