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It is often necessary to hire a copywriter to produce unique and engaging content for your website. Other times, especially if English is not your first language, you may simply need someone to proofread your copy before going live. in either scenario, the professional copywriters and proof-readers listed here are interested in hearing from you.

  • D & S Effective Communications - David Allen of D&S Effective Communications is a freelance copy-writer offering copy-writing services such as corporate reports, company profiles, web content, proof-reading, presentations, blog posts, brochures, press releases, pamphlets, speech writing, flyers, advertisements, curriculum vitae, newspaper articles and magazine articles. Effective copy-writing consists of proper research and review of existing information to be transferred to copy that is informative and tailored to brief.
  • D.F. Bothma - Ghost Writer - I grab eyeballs, touch hearts, alter minds & inspire action! I reach wallets too, but that's just a happy side effect. As a freelance copywriter & creative director I grab eyeballs... Oh, you're probably used to reading the sales jargon first, aren't you? Okay, forget that I'm sitting in a wetsuit writing on a sandy keyboard and imagine me in a tux suavely declaring: "I help visionary entrepreneurs, leading brands and underdog start-ups to engage their audiences with exciting and highly personalised creative marketing content in every flavour of the consumer rainbow.".
  • Vordoholic (pronounced as 'wordoholic') is a freelance digital marketing content writer. I add content to: Websites, Blogs / Articles for SEO, proofreading & editing, Marketing Collaterals (brochures), Newsletters, Case Studies and Email campaigns.
  • Modern Twist Marketing offers copywriting and business marketing services, with a focus on startups and small businesses. My areas of expertise include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, industrial services, legal, and real estate. In addition to print and digital marketing collateral, I also offer affordable business writing services, which includes business plans, bids and proposals, venture pitches, and RFP writing services. Everything you need to get your business up and running.
  • PremiumWP.Services - Need expertly-written content to promote your WordPress services and products? Too busy to write web content? PremiumWP.Services provides high quality done-for-you WordPress content with private label rights every month to WordPress developers, web designers, web marketing consultants and anyone who sells or promotes WordPress products and services. Get exclusive "ready-to-publish" WordPress-related blog posts, WP tutorials, plugin reviews and WP updates that save you time and educate your visitors and prospects about WordPress, allowing you to service more clients and grow a better business.
  • Writing-Xpert - Connect to to get a premium quality business essay and academic writing services. We have international writers for MBA dissertation topics & literature review writing services. Call us today at +919600020070 / +919884072954.
  • Any Time Proofreading provides the following services: Proofreading: We carefully scrutinise your document, ensuring your content does not contain grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Copyediting: We review your document and suggest changes to improve accuracy, flow, and readability while ensuring correct word usage is applied and your content is free of errors, omissions, consistencies, and repetition. You will receive a quality final version where your personal style is retained. Formatting: We inspect your document and offer suggestions to improve inconsistencies in style.
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