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Directory FAQ

To add a new link

Fill in this form. Be very careful to follow all the rules or your application will be ignored.

To modify an existing link

Fill in the same form, but select 'Update an Existing Listing' at the bottom of the the Listing Details section. Please note that you will have to supply the same email address that you used in your initial application. Failing that, you will have to prove the site is yours before the amendment is made.

To claim an existing link

Some links have been added by the admin. They will remain below other links added until they are claimed. If you wish to claim a link as your own, simply fill in the same form, but select 'Update to an Existing Listing' at the bottom of the the Listing Details section.

In general, listings are first come, first served, however you will be able to pay a fee for a Priority or Super listing which will appear above all the Standard listings. The Priority/Super listings last for one year, after which if you don't renew, your listing will revert to a Standard listing - it will move to the bottom of the Priority listings, and top of the Standard listings.

Another way your link may advance up the list is to make us aware of any broken or redundant links that are above yours. We will review each report and if we agree with your report, we will remove the link.

If you are interested in advertising or purchasing a priority listing on a specific page and want to know what sort of traffic said page achieves, please drop us a with the your request and we will respond asap.

You are welcome to us your complaint, but please note that we will not be held liable for any of the actions or promises of any of the companies or sites listed in our directory. If we are provided with sufficient evidence that the company in question has behaved in an underhanded fashion, we will of course remove them from the directory.